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February 27, 2018
March 29, 2018
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A Company’s proficiency should lie in providing cost neutralized and duly customized IT services that reach the technological needs of the clients. The focus on innovating process and technology should make the company consistency around the production of required elements.

This kind of professional language is boring, let’s see the application. We know some names like Amazon, eBay. Yeah, the above-mentioned lines are an indication towards them. These kind of websites are web page build for the purpose of e-commerce. These are business optimized web pages that have a sole objective of

“……Converting visitors in customers”

Making a business site or e-commerce web-page doesn’t only provides the entry pass to compete with the other profound e-commerce website but also sniff of the large customer base around the globe. The aim is to make the event a success, so don’t waste your money in making look cool only make it business worthy. 

Construction of E-stores

The normal static web pages are quite different from high converting e-stores. These e-stores are designed in such a way that the products are made easily navigable. There are 2 major platforms that come with their pre-built templates for creating e-stores. They are Shopify & woo commerce.

These platforms have free as well as paid custom build templates that allow the easy construction & development of stores. Noteworthy features which help in increasing the rate of conversation.

  • Easy built-in apps that allow adding of products with a detailed infographic description.
  • Highly mapped & networked web pages that helps in easy navigation of relevant products
  • Customer friendly product & car page design
  • Separate “About us”, “Terms of Service” & “Return Policy Pages”
  • Payment Protection with Well-known payment gateways like Visa, Master card, PayPal, Payoneer & Skrill
  • Easy Social Media sharing options for higher circulation of the availability of the products.

Unique Features:

A normal website is made focusing on the looks and performance only. It’s a matter related to your business in case of an e-commerce website. So the web designing of this kind of sites must have some specific aspects differ from others. Best five specific facts are described below-

  • Showcase the Products: 

A customer who checks in the site should not look around much to find what your company sells. Basic products are to be put as simple flashes on the homepage. Safe locate the main products. Most importantly if any offer is active those deals should be seen everywhere at a glance.

  • Easy Navigation Feature:

 Categorize the objects in an order of increasing quality. The easy to ‘buy’ and ‘add to cart’ options should be there. Also, a ‘continue shopping’ part is good to use here. And ‘check out’ and ‘delete items’ are must on the website.

  • Cross-selling: 

Related items are very catchy things when a person goes to order any item. So make it pop-up in a good manner. A business strategy must be imprinted on your E-Commerce Website.

  • Provide an option like ‘check out’ in Guest Mode: 

It’s not any less of harassment when you are going to order something very important and urgent signing up window pops up. So, don’t make it bother the customers.

  • Use SSL or Secure Socket Layer for Website Security: 

A relationship that is having a good faith never fails easily. When your customers will see the security steps are taken to your company’s website they will be satisfied while filling up own information in their private profiles. An SSL certificate must be provided in the site from a recognizable trust.

Designing a Store:

Designing an e-commerce web-page is a work of limitations and compactness. There is two basic patterns or format designing steps must for commercial sites. That is-

  • Color Assessment: The users are not only visitors to these kinds of websites but also the customers for the related company. A rule of distraction is optimized by a group of verified trust which suggests you to use any 2 colors to use all of the sites.

This is basically done to insert negligence about the visual effects rather than the products on the site. Take examples of Flipkart (2 basic colors: Light Blue and Yellow) and Amazon (2 basic colors: Navy Blue and Orange).

  • Responsive Theme: This is a very common fact nowadays for every website. A commercial website must be designed also in this pattern so that customers can operate the site and buy items from their PCs or from their Mobile Phones.
  • Attractive Thumbnails & HD Images: Product Images must be of high clarity & widely descriptive. There is a known fact that images attract more than boring lines. With better quality & higher quantity of images, it’s easy to hit the threshold of the customer
  • Logo & Branding: People always tend to have an inclination to the big brands. Big branding & creation of authority sites are quite necessary to grab the trust of the customers.


A Company’s proficiency should lie in providing cost neutralized and duly customized IT services that reach the technological needs of the clients. The focus on innovating process and technology should make the company consistency around the production of required elements. Web Designing services have helped many clients of many different companies caused a high investment back to their goods and have been gaining more than before. The given points above try to make you learn about a well-organized business strategy and to apply them in e-commerce websites as every field of business requires the uniqueness to be productive.



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